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Thiruppullani Videos

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Sri Raguveeradayal has put up some videos of Thiruppullani Perumal’s videos. Please do view them.

Narayana Narayana.

Srirangam – Viruppan Thirunal Mahotsavam

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Currently, Viruppan Thirunnal (Chitirai Bramotsavam) is going on in Srirangam. Please visit the photo gallery that Sri Murali Battar is updating on a daily basis.

You can find the schedule of that utsavam here.

Narayana Narayana!

Alangarapriyan – Brahmothsavam 2008 Picture Gallery – Day 6

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Day 6 alangaram in Singapore Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple is Gaja Vahanam. In this vahanam, Perumal is decorated as Sri Lakshmi Narayanan with Sri Bhu Devi. Likewise, I have done the same alangaram but with some minor changes. (i.e I have added Sangu & Chakaram and Sri Lakshmi’s right hand is on Perumal’s shoulder).

The pictures are now online and I hope you will enjoy them as much I did.

Narayana Narayana!

Thirvallikkeni Brahmotsavam (2008)Pictures

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Thanks to SrI T.V.Srinivas & SrI Varadarajan for providing these photographs of Thiruvallikkeni Brahmotsavam. Do visit this gallery today!

Narayana Narayana!

Alangarapriyan – Brahmothsava Alangaram (2008) Video – Part 2

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Part 2 of the Brahmothsava Alangaram Video is now on-line. In this video, you will find Sesha Vahana, Garuda Sevai and Hanumantha Vahana alangaram. A bonus track of Sri Rama Navami alangaram is also featured. I hope you enjoy the video.

Narayana Narayana!

Divya Prabhandam CD Review

Posted in Devotional Music on April 22, 2008 by thirumandotcom

Recently, I acquired a copy of a music CD titled ‘Divya Prabhandam’. Unlike most of the Divya Prabhandam CDs, this is not sung in the usual paarayanam style but in a carnatic one instead. All the songs found in this CD are very melodious and of exceptional quality. 

Those who are interested to get a copy may email me ( I have used a track (Margazhi Thingal) from this CD in one of my videos. I am very grateful to Parandaman for allowing me to do this. Do listen to this song and I am very sure after doing so, you would want to purchase a copy of this CD. My favourites are, Margazhi Thingal and Uzhuvathor Padaiyum.

Here is the CD cover, contents and an introduction to the songs.

Narayana Narayana!

Adding New Category – Devotional Music!

Posted in Devotional Music on April 20, 2008 by thirumandotcom

Apart from sharing with you about news, information, photographs and websites of interest, I have decided to add another category called ‘Devotional Music’. This decision came very recently when I happen to buy this CD called ‘Divya Prabhandam’. I will share with you more about this fablous CD  and others that I have listen to so far in the coming week. So, stay tuned!

Narayana Narayana!