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  1. Hi from Italy, one question, is there a temple in Singapore dedicated to Lord Venkateswara Balaji. I would like to get a photo and have it mailed to me in Italy. For devotion to Vishnu is better Vishnu itself or this incarnation ?

    Thanks fore reply


  2. Dear Sir,

    Adiyen is a Sri Vaishnavite living in Singapore.
    I understand you are also in Singapore.
    May I have your contact and email address.

    Dasan Sriman

  3. hi, i am working in singapore and do visit SRI SRINIVAS PERUMAL TEMPLE often.you have posted that you are very much involved in temple activities,it is a request to upload your photo in the blog as next time if i meet you in the temple i would consider it as a great honor to wish and compliment you personally for providing such a great service.


  4. hi, i already posted in your blog earlier but did get any response. i am ardent devotee of andal and i would have considered my self blessed had i got a chance to meet you before you went to srivilliputtur.i never had a chance to visit that divyadesam.please sir do upload your photograph.thanks for rendering such a great service.


  5. Respected sir,
    Really i enjoyed sudarshana astakam which is available in your website and since sevral months i am looking forward to know and listen sudarshana stotra vimashati.
    if it is possible could you please post vimshati.
    Thank you

  6. Hi, your site is a feast for our eyes. Appreciate ur dedication. Wondering if ur alangara.biz site offers more products for us so that people like me, at US, could buy good stuffs online. Please do introduce many more products.

  7. sri venugopalan Says:

    Respected Sir

    Adiyen sri venugopalan writing.

    Many many times i have come to Singapore ,but had not the privilage of meeting you.

    Will meet you next time..

    I want small help.. Thirumalai Swamy’s sojurn at Singapore you wuld have photoed

    I want actual Mangalya dharanam,the temple priest mr Srinivasan ,minister’s family &many others.  

    I want for publishng them in Dinamani .. Will you kindly oblige.

    You may send to Sri.venugopal@gmail.com

    Regards Venugopalan

  8. Hi
    Your site and the Alankarams were so beautiful and I was happy to scrap here.
    I’m a hereditary Archaka at Sri Venkateswara Temple Tirumala Hills. I used to participate in daily alankarams to Malayappa Swamy. I also do the alankarams to my home perumal, the photos r there in my url.
    Do respond to my email

  9. Adisesh Iyengar Says:

    Swmai ur websire is very useful as it contans many information on Srivaishnava Sampraday. Plz add http://www.srihayagrivan.org as it contains many Ebooks……….

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