Divya Prabhandam CD Review

Recently, I acquired a copy of a music CD titled ‘Divya Prabhandam’. Unlike most of the Divya Prabhandam CDs, this is not sung in the usual paarayanam style but in a carnatic one instead. All the songs found in this CD are very melodious and of exceptional quality. 

Those who are interested to get a copy may email me (mahesha0@gmail.com). I have used a track (Margazhi Thingal) from this CD in one of my videos. I am very grateful to Parandaman for allowing me to do this. Do listen to this song and I am very sure after doing so, you would want to purchase a copy of this CD. My favourites are, Margazhi Thingal and Uzhuvathor Padaiyum.

Here is the CD cover, contents and an introduction to the songs.

Narayana Narayana!

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