To continue or not to continue?

Earlier today, someone posted a comment on this blog. The comment says :

“May I suggest you dont waste your time analysing the event and giving your snide remarks about the functions. You tried to discredit the temple management committee in your first blog posting with some sarcastic remarks about the whole event. it has failed. more than 30 thousand people attended the events. of course there are always ups and downs in organising a major event like this. but the last thing singapore hindus want to see or hear from you or from your blog are stupid analysis like as if you are the only one who knows how vaikanasam should be practised in this country. so my advice to you- buzz off and lay off”

I would like to inform all my readers that the updates I have provided so far are factual. My intention is not to put down anyone; I merely want to present the facts to the readers of this blog. My readers can then decide for themselves and make an informed decision.
I am not a Vaikanasa priest but I know how vaikanasa practices should be upheld. My knowledge comes from my many years of being part of all this temple’s activities. All the previous chief priests and other priests of SSPT will also attest to this. I’ve been an ardent devotee and volunteer of Sri Srinivasa Perumal since the age of 5 and so I know just about everything about Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.
As such, dear readers, I shall continue posting updates on SSPT’s utsavams and rituals etc as and when there is a need to. You can trust that whatever I write on my blog is based on facts and sound vaikanasa principles. I’ll leave you to decide if you wish to accept or reject the information.

Narayana Narayana!

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