Photos of Sri Venkateswara Thiru Kalyanam in Chennai

Earlier this year, on 6th April 2008, the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) arranged a Kalyana Utsavam in Chennai. The grand 1 day event took place at the Island grounds. Sri U Ve Velukkudi Krishnan gave a running commentary of the proceedings in Tamil while the Thirukalyanam was being conducted.

The following photographs are screen captured from the Thiru Kalyanam VCD. I hope you enjoy them.

Narayna Narayana!

One Response to “Photos of Sri Venkateswara Thiru Kalyanam in Chennai”

  1. Geeta Bhakt Says:

    Thanks for the pictures. They look great! Looks like they had lakhs of devotees attending the event.


    I have my reservations about this. Maybe you can help me to clarify. The utsavars in the pictures look a lot larger than the utsavars that I saw at the event after queuing for so long. It will be VERY disappointing if these are NOT THE SAME UTSAVARS that came to Singapore from Tirupati. I don’t think the actual utsavars from Tirupati leave the temple grounds right?

    So what are those utsavars that are going around India?

    Are they replicas of the original ones?

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