(Alangarapriyan) Sri Andal – Rangamannar Sayana Sevai

The Sri Andal Rangamannar Sayana Sevai is done once a year during Aadi Brahmotsavam in Srivilliputtur. Thousands of devotees come to see this exquisite alangaram which last for only for a few hours. This is the alangaram which was done in Srivilliputtur. ( 2nd Aug 2008 )

The same alangaram was done for my Perumal at home. Sri Bhu Devi was decorated as Sri Andal and Sri Srinivasa Perumal as Sri Rangamannar. The saree which Perumal is wearing was blessed by Sri Andal in Srivilliputtur. This saree is worn first by Perumal after Thirumanjanam in the morning. In the evening, this saree is then worn by Sri Bhu Devi. I hope you like the alangaram pictures.

Narayana Narayana!

3 Responses to “(Alangarapriyan) Sri Andal – Rangamannar Sayana Sevai”

  1. v.s.satagopan Says:

    photos are excellent.



  2. Great Great Alangaaram as usual. Exactly the same style as Srivilliputtur.

  3. excellent alankaram.. my eyes just welled up.. truly amazing

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