Questions about Sri Srinivasa Thirukalyanam held in Singapore

A reader of this blog has posted several questions and here is my reply.

Since the question involves Tirumala Tirupathi Divyadesam, let me take some time to explain some of the temple practices. Panchamurthi or Pancha Bera Vidhana Aradhanam is followed in Tirumala. What this means in layman terms is that 5 different idols of Sri Venkateswara Perumal are worshiped . 

  • The first is Moolavar or Moola Beram which is Sri Venkateswara Perumal. This is the only deity which is unremovable from the Garbagraham.
  • Second is the Kautuka Beram who is Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Moorthi
  • Third is the Utsava Beram or Utsavar, Sri Malayappa Swamy
  • Fourth is the Snapana Beram , Sri Ugra Srinivasa Moorthi
  • And fifth is the Bali Beram, Sri Koluvu Srinivasa Moorthi

Apart from these 5 deities that I have mentioned, there are other deities like Sri Ramar Parivaaram, Krishnan, Garudan, Visvasehanan which used during special utsavams. However Utsavar- Sri Malayappa Swamy (With Sri Devi and Bhu Devi) is the one who presides over all the utsavams in Tirumala.

Here is a picture of Tirumala  Utsavar Sri Malayappa Swami (Picture A). The insignia that HE wears is very unique. None of the other 106 divyadesam Utsavar has a Thiruman Kaapu like his. 

Picture A - Tirumala Utsavar Sri Malayappa Swami

Picture A – Tirumala Utsavar Sri Malayappa Swami


Picture B – The idol of Sri Srinivasa Perumal used by TTD to conduct Srinivasa Thirukalyanam in various parts of India like Chennai, Bangalore, etc.

Picture B - The idol of Sri Srinivasa Perumal used by TTD to conduct Srinivasa Thirukalyanam in various parts of India

Picture B


Picture C – This is the Idol of  Sri Srinivasa Perumal that was brought to Singapore for the Srinivasa Thirukalyanam by TTD.

Picture C - Idol of  Srinivasa Perumal that was brought to Singapore for the Srinivasa Thirukalyanam by TTD

Picture C

From the above pictures,  you can see that the Sri Srinivasa Perumal deity (together with Sri Devi & Bhu Devi) that was used for the Thirukalyanam in India (Chennai, Bangalore, etc) was not the one that came to Singapore. And it is certanly not the Tirumala Malayappa Swami utsavar of Tirupathi. There is no way anyone can dispute this after seeing these pictures.

I hope I have answered your questions.

Narayana Narayana!

One Response to “Questions about Sri Srinivasa Thirukalyanam held in Singapore”

  1. Geeta Bhakt Says:

    A few more questions then come to my mind….

    1) What was the function organised by SSPT 1 week prior to the TTD
    utsavars coming to Singapore for?
    2) What was the need for another set of utsavars in the temple?
    3) The utsavars at the TTD event were much smaller than those that I saw
    of the tirukalyanam on the screen-shots. Going by the earlier pictures,
    one can see that very clearly. So where are these utsavars from and
    have they been consecrated?

    If the devotees have been led to believe that the utsava murtis from Tirupati were brought to Singapore by the TTD and this actually turned out to be a false claim from any angle, then I feel very sorry for the devotees who came and endured the pain (I could hear people screaming, shouting, super long queues into the temple, people being squeezed) to attend the function, which was nothing but a big sham.

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