(Information) Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Thiru Kalayaana Mahotsavam in Singapore

Dear Readers of Thirumandotcom. The reason why I conducted a poll in my earlier post was to find how many readers were from Singapore. I hope what I am about to blog next would be of interest to those who are from Singapore. For those who are not, I hope to get your comments about this and the forth coming posts about this subject.

The Singapore Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) have planned to conduct a thiru kalayannam in the temple grounds on 19th July 2008.  An entourage of about 40 people including priests, veda parayana pandits and artists will be in Singapore for this mega celebration.

There has been alot of publicity for this mahotsavam via banners and advertistments in the Tamil newspapers in Singapore. The star attraction is supposedly that the ‘utsavars’ from Tirupathi will be brought to Singapore. In fact, the publicity materials (banners and advertisements) feature the picture of the current utsavar of Thirumala – Sri Malaiappa Swamy, somehow giving the impression that the Thirumala utsavar will be brought to Singapore. The truth is that it is only a replica of the utsavar will be brought to Singapore. It is to be noted that that this set of utsavars are ONLY used for holding such thirukalayaanam in various parts of India outside Thirumala.  They have no place in the Tirumala temple functions.

Nonetheless, it promises to be a very colourful gala evening as this is the first time this utsavar will be out of India for such an occasion. Also, the thirukalayaanam will be conducted just like how it was done in others parts of India.

Here are the utsavam details. If you have any comments, please share as I would like to hear them.

Narayana Narayana!

6 Responses to “(Information) Tirupati Sri Venkateswara Thiru Kalayaana Mahotsavam in Singapore”

  1. I read your comments. Very interesting!!

    Personally I am thrilled that the deities are making their way here. Many people including myself have never been and may not be going to Tirupati anytime in the near future. This is definitely an exciting opportunity for all Hindus residing in Singapore. I personally am taking part in the festivities….

    Kudos to the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple for organizing the event….


    Thank you for the information provided.

  3. Hats off to the organizers of this mega event. I am sure your good self as a moderator and other visitors to Thirumandotcom will certainly join with me in appreciating the extra ordinary efforts taken to conduct this utsavam which is a milestone in Singapore religious diary. There are many devotees who are born and bred and have no opportunity to visit thirupathi and will be a boon for those Singaporeans. I wish to thank the organisers for their unstinted efforts and wish that the programmes goes well.

    Wish that other temples take such initiatives in these modern stressed days for the enlightenment.

    I must thank the blog moderator to bring out such mega event to the eyes of public and I am sure the temple also try to web cast this rare event which will be a blessing for millions of devotees living all over this globe.

    Oom Kleem Krishnaya Govindaya Gobijana Vallabhaya Paraya Param athmane- Para Karma Manthra ……… Regret that I am not able to complete this sloga in English.


  4. Dear Moderator
    I would like to thank your kind heart for creating this website and blog dedicating to Lord Venkateswara. I again thank you for bring out Sri Srivasa Perumal Temple Thiru Kalyana Utsavam. It is indeed a good deed of the Singapore temple to bring Lord Venkateswara all the way from Thirupathi to Singapore exclusively for this event.
    We should write to the Land Transport Authority to regulate the traffic since I am expecting a massive turn out for this Thiru Kalyanam. Even for ordinary marriages conducted there is traffic jam. For this auspicious holy marriage I cannot imagine how Serangoon road will look like. I think it is like one more Kumbhabhishegam.

    Though i am not rich enough to support this event with my contribution financially, but I can sweat out if i am given any volunteer work. I do not know whom should i contact. Can you please guide me.



  5. Firstly, I want to thank the organizers of this mega event.
    My family, friends and myself are very thrilled and also looking forward for this grand event.
    All of us must attend the thiru kalayannam mahotsavam and get perumal’s blessings.

    Om Namo Narayana

  6. karthik Says:

    Q : yennalum narayenanin namam sonnavarku yetheynum thunbam vanthathundaaa ?

    A: kadugalavum allavey .

    our lord says he is in all things , he is in u , in me , in a worm , u name it ?

    i thought malaiyappaswami was comeing when i 1st saw the advertisments , then only i came to know that its the replica of the malaiyappa swamy , so what still its him whos comeing , so lets all get to the sri srinivasa perumal temple and get his blessing , when u say govinda he will get near u , when u say govinda twice he will be in ur heart , when u say govinda more then that he will surrender to u , cause he will surrender or adimey for the true devotion that we are having on him jai sriman narayana , govinda gooooovinda , govinda , goooovinda

    nothings is great then our SRI EZHLUMALI VENKATACHSLAPATHI , nam appan …….

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