Sri Perumbudur Sri Ramanujar Sanathi Maha Samprokshanam

Here are two picture gallaries of the recent Maha Samprokshnam that took place in Sri Perumbudur. The golden vimanam of Sri Ramanujar is a MUST see!.

Gallery 1 & Gallery 2 .  Thank you to the respective devotees who has published these photographs.

Narayana Narayana!

2 Responses to “Sri Perumbudur Sri Ramanujar Sanathi Maha Samprokshanam”

  1. N.Sadagopan Says:

    Through Your Photos I had drashan samprokshanam. Excellent photos. Ramanujar Darsanam will remove all the inequalities among the Srivaishanavas. Thanks.

  2. Srivaishnava Says:

    The pictures of the Lord Narayana with ubhaya naachiars and Sri Ramanujar were a real feast to our eyes.All the Srivaishnavas who view these beautiful samprokshanam photos should feel immensely happy and remain ever grateful to the team that has worked in making them available on the net.The photos are excellent and they make the viewer bow their heads wherever they are and fall in love with the Lord and surrender to our Achaaryar immediately.
    I pray to God for this team’s all round success,in such work, in the future.

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