Sriranganathar’s Woraiyur Yathra Picture Gallery

Sri Murali Battar of Srirangapankajam website has captured this event very beautifully. Held only once a year, Sri Namperumal goes to Woraiyar Divyadesam and spends a day with Sri Kamalavalli Naachiyar. Don’t miss this wonderful gallery!

 Do also visit Srirangapankajam for a full coverage of the Panguni

 Narayana Narayana!

One Response to “Sriranganathar’s Woraiyur Yathra Picture Gallery”

  1. mrs.hema kuppuswamy Says:

    SIMPLY WONDERFUL PICTURES— EXCELLENT JOB. Alzwar emperumanar jeeyar tivuwadigale sharanam

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